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Our Activities

Scroll down to discover what activities await you on your pumpkin- packed day of fun! 

Pumpkin Patch 

Dive into the heart of autumn at our Pumpkin Patch Adventure. Wander through rows of vibrant pumpkins,until you find the perfect one to take home. It’s a classic autumn experience filled with photo opportunities and the joy of selecting your very own pumpkin.

Pumpkin Bowling 

Get your game face on for some Pumpkin Bowling Extravaganza! Roll pumpkins down our hay bail lanes and aim for the pins. Whether you’re a seasoned bowler or a first-timer, this fun twist on the game guarantees a smashing good time for all ages.

Pumpkin Noughts and Crosses

Step up to the challenge with our Pumpkin Noughts and Crosses game. Instead of paper and pen, you’ll be using mini pumpkins as your playing pieces on our outdoor board. It’s a fun twist on a beloved pastime, and the perfect way to enjoy some friendly competition. 

Plus many more!!!

Whilst there are a number of free activities to enjoy, we do have additional paid for activities. You can purchase activity passes through our booking page when you secure your free entry ticket and these are redeemable against the following bookable activities. 

Bookable activities: 

Pumpkin Catapult Challenge

Experience the thrill of launching pumpkins through the air with our Pumpkin Catapult Challenge. Test your accuracy and distance as you aim to hit the targets. It’s a hands-on adventure perfect for those who enjoy a bit of competition. Suitable for ages 4+.

Axe Throwing

Give your best lumberjack impression on this one, you don’t even need plaid or a beard
Our Axe throwing can be one of your activities or just pay on the day. Take Aim! 

Swing Boats

Climb aboard our nostalgic swing boats for little ones visiting the patch.